Samson Ringo has completed the supply of a contract for the Heavy residue hydrocracking complex of Mozyr Refinery (Belarus)

This contract included the design, manufacturing and supply of 24 pneumatic cage guided globe control high pressure valves in following sizes and ratings:

  • Rating 900#: 6”
  • Rating 1500#: 2” and 6”
  • Rating 2500#: 2”, 3”, 6” and 8”

Body materials: A-105, A216 WCC, A182 F347H, with flanged and HUB ends.

This was a very challenging contract due to the severe service of most of the valves:

  • High pressure drops
  • High temperature service, up to 432ºC
  • Flashing services

Samson Ringo was able to size and design the valves with the proper trim designs for each case in order to provide a good performance for these severe services. For most information about available trims for this kind of applications, please check control valves brochure from our website Check control valves brochure

Globe_control_Ringo_high_pressure Globe_control_Ringo_high_temperature