Samson Ringo has completed the supply of a challenging contract that includes steam pressure reduction control valves, water flow injection control valves and venturi spray nozzle type desuperheater units for the Steam let down system of the Olefins Plant Package A1 of the Long Son Petrochemical Complex in South of Vietnam.

Superheated steam with high energy is normally produced at high pressures and temperatures to provide more efficient production. Both the pressure and the temperature have to be reduced for steam use in a process plant. This supply include valves that reduce pressure 125 kg/cm2(g) to 2.3 kg/cm2(g) and temperature from 520 ºC to 130ºC in different desuperheater station composed by pressure reduction control valves with desuperheating system.

The additional complexity of the system increases with the huge range of required steam flow rates at superheated conditions (520ºC & 125 kg/cm2(g)), which requires that two high pressure reduction control valves (Angle C12A valves of 16” 2500# and 14” 2500#) work in parallel to reduce pressure of the steam into a 26” 2500# high technology venturi type desuperheater that reduces the temperature more than 200ºC with the help of several water injection valves also included in the scope of supply.