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RINGO VALVULAS, S.L., in charge of this website and hereon known as the CONTROLLER, provides its users with the following document in order to meet its duties and obligations as stated in the 34/2002 Act, of 11 July, regarding the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSICE), Official Gazette n. 166, as well as inform the website users of the terms and conditions for its use.

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RINGO VALVULAS, S.L. reserves its right to modify any type of information on its website, without prior notification or without incurring any obligation or liability, and its publication on RINGO VALVULAS, S.L shall be deemed sufficient.



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The CONTROLLER duly acknowledges, in favour of their holders, their intellectual and industrial property rights. The CONTROLLER shall not incur any liability for the mere mention or appearance on the CONTROLLERS website of said elements; nor shall it be deemed as support, sponsorship or recommendation of said elements by the website Controller

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The CONTROLLER shall not be deemed liable or responsible for any information found on its website in the event that said information be manipulated or inserted by an external third party.


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This website may make use of technical cookies (small information files that a server sends to the computer of the user accessing a webpage) in order to perform certain functions deemed essential for the correct functioning and performance and visualisation of the website. These cookies are, at any rate, of a temporary nature, and their sole aim is to facilitate the users experience while visiting the site. They do not remain in the users´ computer once the user session has finished on the website. Under no circumstances do these cookies provide, by themselves, any personal data or shall be used to collect or gather any data.

Cookies enable the web-server to recognise the browser used by the users, with a view to facilitating the navigation experience within the website, thus allowing, for example, a much easier access for previously registered users to areas, services, promotions or events solely aimed at them, without having to go over the registration process again after each visit. They can also be used to gauge metrics regarding target audience, traffic parameters, progress control, number of visits et cetera. In these cases, the cookies are not technically indispensable but are beneficial to the users. This website will not install any non-indispensable cookies without the users´ prior consent.

Users may go to their browser settings and request to receive a cookie alert, and prevent them from being installed on their computer. Please, check your browser settings instructions for further information.


          LINK POLICY

From our website you may be redirected to content on third party websites. Given the fact that it is out of the CONTROLLER capabilities to have full control or monitoring of the content inserted on third party websites, the Controller shall not be held responsible or liable for said content. At any rate, any content that may infringe upon domestic or international regulations, the morals or public order shall be removed, and the Controller will proceed to the immediate removal of the link to the aforementioned websites, communicating the existence of said content to the relevant authorities.

The CONTROLLER shall not be held responsible or liable for the information or content stored amongst others, but not solely, on forums, chats, blog generators, comments, social networks or any other means that allows a third party to publish content outside the CONTROLLER´S Website. Notwithstanding, and pursuant to the provisions 11 to 16 of the LSSICE (Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act), the Controller will be at the disposal of every user, authority and law enforcement force, fully and actively cooperating in the withdrawal or, if needs be, the blocking of content that may infringe or go against the domestic or international laws, third party rights, morals and public order. Should any user spot any content that may be deemed to fall under this categorization, they are requested to immediately report it to the Controller and webmaster.


This website has been checked and tested for its correct functioning. Therefore, in principle, it is expected to run properly at all times, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the CONTROLLER cannot, in any case, rule out the possibility of any programming error, or any unexpected event of ‘force majeure’ (out of its control), natural disasters, strikes or similar events that may hinder access to the website.


          IP ADDRESS

The website servers may automatically detect users´ IP address and domain name. An IP address is the number which is automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. All this information is recorded in a server´s activity file, duly registered, allowing its subsequent data processing in order to exclusively obtain statistics regarding the number of pages printed, number of visits to webservers, order of visits, point of access and so on.



Should there arise any controversy or question related to this website or the activities taking place on it, the parties explicitly accept that the Spanish Law shall be applied for the resolution of any dispute, and the Court and Tribunals for any dispute settlement shall be those closer to Zaragoza (Spain).