RINGO VÁLVULAS, S.L. gathers agreements and needed objectives in the Company’s Integrated Policy to make of this company a safe place for its workers, respectful company with Environment and highest quality standards, so that we are positioned in the market as a first level supplier that is able to meet the most demanding needs of industries with highest level of request.


RINGO VALVULAS is a manufacturer of high performance and high quality industrial valves in to handling fluids for applications related with production and management of energy resources.

RINGO VALVULAS provides to the clients on-purpose solutions, always in compliance with the highest industry standards and with the necessary experience and flexibility to fulfil what customer demands in each particular case. The result is the supply of high quality products as well as best technical support and after Sales Service to our customers.


To be a consolidated company, market leader in manufacturing and engineering of highest quality valves for severe service applications to be destined to the Oil & Gas sector as well as to the Power Generation sector, and to be noticed as a reference company in relation with the compliance of our Social and Corporative obligations.



In RINGO VALVULAS, each person is responsible a particular task, this makes that our mistakes affect to the work of our colleges. We must therefore, fully understand the work that our colleges perform and then be absolutely convinced about the need of executing properly the tasks that we have been assigned for, because an error in our work will certainly cause a failure in the complete work chain.

Our work is not easy, we do not make standard products and because of that each contract is different, therefore we must be always ready for permanent training and improvement. We must, as well, have and open and helping attitude to our colleges and to the new personnel joining the company.

The future of all of us and the future of the Company depends of the confidence given by our Customers. Our target must make sure that our customers remain loyal to us. This is achieved providing them the maximum degree of satisfaction when we deal with them. This includes: to be competitive, meet the required deliveries and supply what customer expects to receive from us.

We are a company integrated in an International Group. Our results are measured based on the level of compliance with our targets which are specified in the annual budget and not based on the level of attention or dedication we put in our work.

All of us, each one in his/her applicable task must contribute to the improvement of the Company results that we have set for as a target, as well as to be proactive in the definition and implementation of actions which can contribute to such improvement.

To be able to adapt ourselves to the changes that are required during our daily work, caused either by our own needs or by our customer requirements, and which are considered as a part of the Company strategy.

To perform our work in full compliance with the Ethic values of the Company and our Society, which are specified in our Code of Conduct.

We are a Company integrated in an International Group, therefore we must be ready and prepared to work together and in coordinated way with our sister companies, especially in those cases where a synergy exists and where the strategy defined to achieve particular targets will require that.