Ringo Válvulas is completing the FAT of the last valves out of the eighteen (18) ESDV top entry ball valves for top riser to be supplied for several offshore platforms in the North Sea (Denmark). Some of the valves were already dispatched and some of them are already under painting and packing process. Scope of the order include the following sizes and ratings of ESDV Top entry ball valves:

  • Up to 24” 600#
  • Up to 16” 900#
  • Up to 8” 1500#
  • Up to 8” 2500#

Materials: Valves were all produced in A352 LCC with Inconel overlay in sealing areas and metal seated.

Ends: one side flanged RTJ or HUB and the other one BW with welded pup (including transition piece)

Actuation: This order includes pneumatic and hydraulic operated valves although shipment of valves is going to be performed with an installed gear box in each valve, as per contract specifications.

Since these valves have a critical safety function and have to fulfill an extraordinarily high level of requirements, it was a challenge for Ringo to make the design and manufacturing of them:

  • Ringo performed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for each item and design was made to withstand the high level of loads and the complete strict specifications.
  • The high safety factor to size the actuators at the minimum air supply combined with the maximum actuator torque (MAT) at the maximum air supply made Ringo to find a suitable solution for the shaft with a MAST enough to withstand the MAT by means of manufacturing this part from a material used from aerospace industry.
  • Severe material requirements in order to assure mechanical properties higher than the standards that made the casting process more complicated.

See some detailed pictures of valves and actuators as well as figures taken form the Finite Element Analysis (FEA)