Ringo Válvulas has finalized the manufacturing of more than 500 valves to be supplied in cooperation with to Baltic Shipyard for the construction of a nuclear icebreaker. Scope of the contract include manual, motor operated and pneumatic valves:

  • Bellow sealed globe valves up to 12″ (DN300) – 258 pieces
  • Bellow sealed globe control valves up to 6″ (DN150) – 16 pieces
  • Stop check valves up to 12″ (DN300) – 254 pieces
  • Angle type globe valve 3/8″ (DN10) – 4 pieces

The contract include valves for atmospheric steam discharge, which involves a challenge due to the pressure drop and temperature (300ºC). Ringo solution has been the design and production of 6″ 600# stainless steel control valves, bellow sealed and PILOT LDB trim, including an outlet diffuser with multi drilled plates.