Samson Ringo is pleased to announce the release of its new brochure of HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System).

Nowadays, use of HIPPS instead of traditional overpressure relief systems is becoming more common due to the advantages that they present:

  • Environmental protection: there is no fluid released to the atmosphere
  • Same or superior safety level than traditional relief methods
  • Reduction of cost: downstream part of the installation can be sized with a lower design pressure.

Samson Ringo aim is to provide the best service to customers and, along with its complete range of valves for critical services, also offers the supply of complete HIPPS, including the Initiators, Logic Solver and the Final Elements. Samson Ringo provides an add value to its HIPPS supplies, making the full integration of all the components, FAT performance and SIL certification of the complete system.

For further technical details, see the Samson Ringo HIPPS brochure