Ringo Válvulas has recently delivered a stainless steel Axial Control Valve 6” 1500# to be supplied to a Petronas owned company through one of the Samson subsidiaries. Valve is going to be installed in an Oil field.

Valve data:

  • Body Size 6″
  • Class ANSI 1500
  • Body Material: A351 CF8M
  • End Connections: Flanged RTJ 1500 class
  • Seat/Plug/Cage Material: Integral Tungsten Carbide
  • Trim type: BSS/LDB – Balanced plug for torque reduction
  • Operation: Pneumatic Spring return quarter turn actuator

Valve was tested to fulfill the most restrictive leakage class (class VI) with satisfactory result.

See pictures of the valve:  Axial Control Valve 6´´ 1500#