Samson Ringo has already successfully performed the Factory Acceptance Test of a new lot of valves related to one the orders currently under manufacturing for Kangan Petro Refining Refinery to be installed in the Kangan C2 Recovery and Fraction Plant whose main purpose is to recover some products such as Ethane, Propane, Butane and C5+ from the gas extracted from South Pars Phase 12 in Iran.
This shipment shall include rising stem ball valves Ringo 20” 600# series NCBV (there was 110 valves of this type sizes 3” to 20” in class 300# and 600#). Anyway, scope of the order was including some other ball valves. Complete scope is shown below:

  • Valve types: More than 200 ball valves including side entry ball valves series SEBV and Rising stem type  series NCBV ( Both cases soft seated and metal seated)
  • Valve sizes: From 1 1/2” 150# to 52″ 600#
  • Materials: Carbon steel A350 LF2, A352 LCB, A216 WCB;  Stainless Steel A351 CF8M and Alloy Steel A182 F11
  • Temperature operation: There is low temperature valves with temperature operation down to -95ºC and high temperature valves with operation up to 430ºC
  • Operation: including pneumatic and electric operated valves (BDV, SDV, ESDV and MOV)


NCBV Series (Non Contact Ball Valves) working principle: NCBV Ball Valves have a ball which is supported by a bottom trunnion. When the bore is oriented to the pipeline direction, valve is in the open position, allowing the fluid pass through. The stem start moving down and due to the channels machined on it in spiral it turns 90º forcing the ball to turn the same. Then the channels are machined straight and the stem cannot turn moving only down.


For further technical details, visit our website visit our website or see the applicable Technical Bulletins Samson Ringo SEBV and Samson Ringo NCBV


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