Samson Ringo is completing the first batch for a contract that includes 110 chokes to PDO (Oman) for Gas Wellheads

Scope of the contract:

70 pieces of 5 1/8” x 71/16” 10000#. Body: 182 F51 / Trim: F51 with solid Tungsten Carbine cage insert

40 pieces of 6” 2500#. Body: A995 Gr 4A / Trim: F51+ with solid Tungsten Carbine cage insert

These chokes need to regulate at low strokes so Samson Ringo has selected cage guided with BSS/LDB trim with MSTEP for high rangeability.

Chokes are being inspected and tested according to tested API 6A PSL3G and PR2. Additionally, Fugitive Emission Tests have been carried with satisfactory result.

Choke 7 1-16 10000 (Large)

Chokes_Duplex_6_2500_Samson_Ringo (Large)