Samson Ringo is proud to announce that has concluded the design, manufacturing and satisfactory test of a 32” 900# Globe Control Valve: the largest and heaviest 3595 type valve ever produced by Samson Ringo.

This valve is going part of a contract for a C2+ Recovery & Fractionation Project in the Middle East and the total scope of the order is:

1 off Globe control 32” 900# – Material A352 LCB / Trim: SS316+Stellite

2 off Globe Control 18” 900# – Material A352 LCB / Trim: SS316+Stellite

1 off Globe Control 14” 900#- Material A352 LCB / Trim: SS316+Stellite

All the valves are supplied with piston pneumatic actuators and control is driven by Samson instrumentation.


These valves are going to be supplied to a C2+ Recovery & Fractionation Project in the Middle East, where feed raw natural gas is treated and processed to produce pipeline-quality dry natural gas removing some of the substances that contaminated it and, additionally to produce some other commercial products such as methane, ethane or others.

Purpose of these valves is the flow regulation of the sales natural gas that goes to the metering station, where the flow of gas is managed and monitored.

Samson Ringo Solution

Samson Ringo solution has been a 3595 Control Valve, instead of a rotary type control valve such as a butterfly or a ball valve, in order to provide a much better performance keeping the noise level under control. Another advantage of Samson Ringo solution is the balance trim that involves a smooth operation and reduces drastically the required thrust, which involves a small size actuator.  All this drives to supply not only a perfect technical solution but also with a cost effective result.

This is an important milestone in Samson Ringo history as it is the heaviest 3595 control valve ever produced:

Total net weight: 18.700 Kg

Total gross weight: 21.000 Kg