Samson Ringo has recently supplied through Samson Controls USA a stainless steel Angle Globe Control Valve 24” 600# to be installed in a Methanol Plant in United States. Task of this valve is the control of gas / hydrocarbon to the flare stack for disposal. Flare valves operates very seldom, but has to be extremely reliable, because is a critical application since is the controlled release / burning of gases into the atmosphere to safeguard against overpressure of critical assets within the plant and dispose of any waste gas.
Valve data:

• Body Size 24″
• Class ANSI 600#
• Body Material: A351 CF3
• End Connections: Flanged RF 600 class
• Seat/Plug/Cage Material: SS316L+Stellite
• Trim type: BSS Multycilinder 5 stage + 4 multidrilled diffuser plates
• Operation: Pneumatic Piston

Valve was satisfactory tested to fulfill the required leakage class V.