Technical Seminar for Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant (Sweeden)

Ringo Válvulas organized a Technical Training for Forsmark NPP Engineering Team that took place at Ringo facilities. The course lasted two complete days, 12th and 13th February, including a very intensive technical program with the following topics: Ringo ON/OFF valves: Different configurations and features focus in nuclear industry. Ringo Control valves: Trim solutions for all [...]


Control Valves for Mozyr Refinery (Belarus)

Samson Ringo has completed the supply of a contract for the Heavy residue hydrocracking complex of Mozyr Refinery (Belarus) This contract included the design, manufacturing and supply of 24 pneumatic cage guided globe control high pressure valves in following sizes and ratings: Rating 900#: 6” Rating 1500#: 2” and 6” Rating 2500#: 2”, 3”, 6” [...]


Valves for sea water service – Ain Sukhna Terminal (Egypt)

Samson Ringo is completing the painting and packing of the valves related to an ENPPI contract for Sumed Ain Sukhna Terminal in Egypt (24 floating roof oil storage tanks). Scope of the job includes the following valves for sea water service: -  19 off Gate valves 28” 150# -  4 off Duo check valves 24” [...]


Participation of Samson Ringo in Achema 2018

Samson Ringo has taken part in the Achema, the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry, held in Frankfurt from 11th to 15th June 2018. Samson has actively participated in the trade show with three booths, since this is one of the most important exhibitions for the group. Samson Ringo has been present [...]


Self operated control valves for the Actuators Air Supply Emergency System for Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant

Ringo Válvulas has concluded the design, manufacturing and testing of Self operated control valves for the Air Supply Emergency System for the actuators of certain critical valves of Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant in Spain: 17 off Self Regulated Control Valves 1 1/2” 900# Material SA182 F316, Nuclear […]


Shipment of Non Contact Ball Valves up to 20” 600# (Samson Ringo NCBV Series)

Samson Ringo has already successfully performed the Factory Acceptance Test of a new lot of valves related to one the orders currently under manufacturing for Kangan Petro Refining Refinery to be installed in the Kangan C2 Recovery and Fraction Plant whose main purpose is to recover some products such as Ethane, Propane, Butane and C5+ [...]


Participation in the 15th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition

Ringo Válvulas, as member of the SNGC (Spanish Nuclear Group for Cooperation) has participated in the Nuclear Industry China Exhibition held in Beijing from March 28th to 31st  2018, being part of the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum booth. Ringo Válvulas has been able to display all its engineering and manufacturing capabilities that have driven the [...]


Samson Ringo supply of Control Valve for molten salt service for a Concentrated Solar Power Plant (CSP) in China

Samson Ringo has recently concluded the manufacturing and Factory Acceptance Test of a contract to be supplied to Thermosolar CSP Plant in China for Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technologies Company through Samson Controls China. This contract includes a control valve for molten salts service: Motor Operated Control Globe Valve 4” 300# BW ends Body: [...]


Supply of ASME III N-Stamp Safety Class 2 Swing check valves for Krsko Nuclear Power Plant

Ringo has recently completed the supply of a contract through Tecnatom for the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant in Slovenia. Scope of the contract included seven (7) Nuclear Safety Class 2 Swing check valves in class 600# and sizes 12”, 8” and 6”. All valves were supplied in stainless steel SA351 CF8M Design, manufacturing and testing [...]


Axial Control Valves for a Gas Processing Unit in Trinidad and Tobago

Samson Ringo has manufactured and dispatched an order through Samson SRL (Italy) to be installed in a Gas Processing Unit in Trinidad and Tobago. Order included pneumatic Axial Control valves in carbon steel A352 LCB with SS316 stellited trim. Valves have balance (BSS type) and LDB cage having small holes distribution to reduce outlet velocity in order decrease the [...]