Ringo Válvulas supply to Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant

Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant has completed a milestone with the power start-up of the Unit 3 that took place on past December 2017. This plant is being built in Jiangsu province (China) and it is going to be the largest nuclear power plant in that country once all the units are completed. Ringo Válvulas has participated in this [...]


Factory Acceptance Test of Axial Control Valves for a Salt Caverns Gas Storage Facility

Samson Ringo has completed the FAT and dispatched the first lot of Axial Control Valves to be supplied through Samson UK office for a gas storage and distributing facility in United Kingdom: five (5) Axial Control Valves 12” 600# pneumatic operated with WCB body and stellited trim that were tested in presence of final customer [...]


Supply of large size Gage Guided Globe Control Valves for a Gas treating plant

Ringo Válvulas has concluded the design, manufacturing and testing of large cage guided globe control valves for BidBoland Gas Treating Plant II, a new plant that gathers sweet and sour gas from existing fields to produce Ethane (C2), Propane (C3), Butane (C4), and Condensate (C5+) for export. Valves need to regulate critical pressure drop for [...]


Ringo Válvulas participation in the IV ESIC Companies Race Ringo Válvulas participated in the IV ESIC COMPANIES´S RACE held last Sunday 17th December 2017

Ringo Válvulas team was formed by 13 members that ran the 8 km of an urban circuit in Zaragoza. Like in previous years, experience was very positive for all the participants and contributed to promote some of the core values of the company: effort, team work and fellowship.


RINGO VALVULAS cooperates with the ILUMINAFRICA Foundation

RINGO VÁLVULAS has been one of the sponsors in the Third Edition of the contest “Solidary Micro Stories” organized by the Foundation Ilumináfrica. José Antonio Valero (Ringo Válvulas HSE&CSR Manager) attended the prizes award ceremony that took place at the College of Doctors of Zaragoza on 13th December, 2017 and was also attended by the [...]


Samson Ringo Supply to Yamal LNG Project

Yamal LNG project has recently got license for commissioning of the first LNG train related to 58 gas wells from the South Tambey Field, located above the polar circle in the Russian artic and already launched the first shipment of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) to China through the Northern Sea new route. Samson Ringo has [...]


Factory Acceptance Test of 18 ESDV Top entry Ball Valves Emergency Shut Down Valves

Ringo Válvulas is completing the FAT of the last valves out of the eighteen (18) ESDV top entry ball valves for top riser to be supplied for several offshore platforms in the North Sea (Denmark). Some of the valves were already dispatched and some of them are already under painting and packing process. Scope of [...]


Supply of more than 500 valves to Baltic Shipyard for construction of a nuclear icebreaker

Ringo Válvulas has finalized the manufacturing of more than 500 valves to be supplied in cooperation with to Baltic Shipyard for the construction of a nuclear icebreaker. Scope of the contract include manual, motor operated and pneumatic valves: Bellow sealed globe valves up to 12" (DN300) - 258 pieces Bellow sealed globe control valves up to 6" (DN150) [...]


Control Valves for Trillo Nuclear Power Plant

Ringo Válvulas has concluded the assembling process of two (2) Globe Control Valves DN200 PN16 Nuclear Class RC3 to be supplied to Trillo NPP through Tecnatom. They have been produced with fully forged body 1.0460 and balance trim to reduce the actuator required thust. Valves are currently under testing using a Ringo spring return diaphragm [...]


Complete Desuperheater units supply for Biomass power generation

Ringo Válvulas has recently manufactured and supply three complete units of desuperheaters for turbine bypass through Samson Holland to KH Energy for BEC (Biomassa Energie Centrale), a biomass power plant located in The Netherlands. The steam- water circuit of the biomass power plant have the same requirements as per a conventional or nuclear power plant [...]